All our products in salon are L’oreal professional and the shampoo and conditioner’s we use are from their serie expert range. They are:

Absolut repair for very damaged hair 

Volumentryfor fine hair 

Enforcerfor strengthening and anti-breakage

Vitaminofor coloured hair

Nutrifier for dry, undernourished hair 

First in our range is Absolut repair, this is a must have for clients with very damaged hair. The formula that is enriched with lipidium transforms your hair and makes it feel more resistant, soft and shiny as though repaired. Continued use of this set (along with occasional pro-fiber treatments) will have your hair repaired in no time!

We then have Volumentry, our shampoo designed for fine hair. The unique combination of purifying salicylic acid and Hydralight will moisturise the hair while still being extremely light making the hair voluminous from the root and not feel greasy or flat.

Enforcer is the newest addition to the range and we love it already! It has been designed to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. The reinforcing formula is infused with vitamin B6 and biotin which help instantly reduce breakage. Hair will become more resistant and stronger with continued use. Highly recommend for clients with weaker hair and those wanting to try stimulate more hair growth.

Vitamino is the perfect shampoo for clients with coloured hair, especially reds, coppers and other vibrant colours. The formula helps protect the hair fiber, gently removing residue but not the colour keeping it radiant and enhancing the shine. Must have for clients who have colour, if you want your hair to be shiny, softer and the colour to last as long as possible. We have a massive 50% off Vitamino so buying the shampoo gets you a FREE conditioner! There is no better time to try our professional colour shampoo so get yours while stocks last 🙂

Last one in the range is Nutrifieran essential product for clients with dry and undernourished hair. The shampoo contains glycerol and coconut oil for nourishment leaving the hair feeling instantly softer and more supple. It has a lightweight texture so cleanses and moisturises the hair without leaving it feel heavy and greasy. If your hair fits in the dry category you NEED this shampoo, you won’t regret it!     

All the above shampoos are used in salon so be sure to ask your stylist to use the shampoo best suited for you, so you can see and feel for yourself how much better professional products make your hair feel. We like to think as hairdressers our skills and knowledge make your hair feel soft, shiny and healthy but the truth is the products we use play a big role, so to maintain the feeling and condition of your hair after your salon visit you need to use quality products that are suited for your hair. See you soon 🙂