What you need to know 

L’oreal have launched a new colour range called #COLORFULHAIR and it is made up of 8 inter-mixable vibrant shades.

The range offers 100’s of bespoke, personalised and colourful results. Whether you want a soft Pink Sorbet or Electric Purple, the possibilities are endless.

There are 7 vibrant shades in the range but many more colours are able to be created due to the Crystal Clear, which gives us the opportunity to reduce the intensity of the colour for more pastel tones, or for those more daring, try the hottest colour shades of the year!

Below is the range of colours available:

These are some of the pastel shades we are able to create using the Crystal Clear:

For optimal results we need to pre-lighten your hair to a pale yellow and then we will apply the colour we have created in salon.

The vibrant shades will last up to 15 shampoos and the softer, pastel shades will last a few shampoos.

To keep the vibrant colour or maintain the soft, pastel tones you will need to refresh the colour every 2-4 weeks.

We will be offering a #COLOURHAIR blowdry for your top-up appointments to keep the colour fresh and to keep costs down for you the blowdry will be 50% OFF!

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