LimeLight's Gallery

We have worked with many clients and a wide variety of hair cuts and colours to build up an interesting and inspiring hair gallery of work we are really proud of at our Moseley Hair Salon. The fabulous hair images below may help in your endeavour to find your brand new hair style. If there are any other hair styles you want advice on, then get in touch with us here.

Blue Hair Don't Care
Chestnut Brown Colour Correction
Graduated Bob Restyle
Graduated Bob Restyle
Pixie Cut Restyle
Dark Brown And Bob Restyle
Caramel Ombre
Sleek Bob Restyle
Copper Highlights
Bridal bun
Curly Hair With Flower
Messy Side Bun With Flower
Low Chignon With Flower
Long Cut Restyle
Red Hair Restored
Golden Blonde Highlights
Lilac Ombre
Reverse Ombre
Ash Blonde Balayage
Natural Blonde Highlights
Ash Blonde Bob
Long Hair Restyle
Copper To Honey Blonde
Smooth Bob Restyle
Golden Blonde Bob
Straight Hair Restyle
Caramel Brown Highlights
Sleek Bob Restyle
Smooth Long Cut
Chocolate Brown With Caramel Highlights
Messy bun with Diamantes
Curly Blow Dry
Zig Zag Undercut
Asymmetric Pixie Cut
Beige Blonde Colour Change
Caramel Blonde Highlights
Refreshed grown out highlights and restyled to bob
Took out dark colour build up with a copper balayage
Refreshed balayage with curly finish
Restyled to long bob
Highlights and curly blowdry
Added lighter pieces and refreshed existing balayage
Lightened roots and changed to a cooler blonde
Light copper balayage
Lightened to clean blonde
Made overall colour lighter by refreshing grown out highlights
Refreshed roots and added highlights for a lighter blonde look
We re-created Isla Fisher's copper and restyled into bob
Plum Purple Colour Change
Keratin Therapy Treatment
Pink Hair Don't Care
Curly Bob Restyle
Complete Bob Transformation
Blonde Ombre Process
Grey Hair Don't Care
Grey Ombre Process
Copper Balayage
Patterned Undercut
Intense Copper
Blonde Fringe
Dark Blonde With Beige Blonde Highlights
Golden Blonde Balayage
Honey Blonde Balayage
Keratin Therapy Blow dry
Made balayage a lighter blonde
Caramel Balayage Highlights
Caramel Highlights With Fresh Bob Cut
Fresh Balayage With Curly Finish
Long Hair Restyle
Darken The Underneath To Add Dimension
Bob Restyle
Ash Highlights
Lightened to a caramel balayage
Long bob restyle
Curly Blowdry
Pixie undercut
Restyled Bob
Cut with smooth finish
Graduated Bob restyle
Graduated bob refreshed
Restyled to long bob
Graduated Bob Restyle
Blonde To Caramel Brown
Beige Blonde Highlights
Autumn Brown
Beige Blonde Highlights
Golden Blonde Balayage
Ash Blonde Balayage
Bob Restyle
Victory Roll Hair Up
Fresh Flower/PomPom Hair Up
Bob Restyle
Copper Ombre
French Plait With Barrel Curls
Grey/Silver Hair
Fiery Red / Copper Ombre
Bob With Hidden UnderCut
Chocolate Brown Highlights With a Curly Finish
Reverse ombre
Triple Braid Hair Up
Champagne Blonde Balayage
Dark Brown
Creamy Blonde Highlights
Pixie Cut Restyle
Messy Side Bun Hair Up
Gold Copper Blonde Ombre
Natural Blonde Highlights
Copper Blonde Ombre
Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Micro Ring Hair Extensions
S Wave Messy Bun Hair Up
Chocolate Brown Bob Restyle
Plum Bob Restyle
Chocolate Brown Colour Correction
Golden Blonde Highlights
Ashy Blonde Highlights To Solid Beige Blonde
Curly Bob Restyle
Chocolate Brown
Bob Restyle
Short Bob Restyle
Textured Bob Restyle
Sleek Bob Restyle
Light Beige Blonde Highlights
Chestnut Brown
Long Cut Restyle
Long Bob Restyle
Subtle Chestnut Balayage
Golden Blonde Ombre
Pixie Cut Restyle
Dark Brown Colour Change
Micro Bead Hair Extensions