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L’oreal professional have introduced 5 new shades to the Majirel family. We have all 5 in salon so if you are interested in trying something new and different with your hair then come see us in salon to discuss how we can achieve them for you. They are suitable for natural bases between 6-10. Which means your hair needs to match to at least a dark blonde naturally to be able to achieve the shades without pre-lightning. Don’t worry if you are naturally between 3-5, which is anything from dark brown to light brown. You can still use the metal range but you will need to have your hair pre-lightened first and depending on darkness and if your hair is coloured it may need to be done over a few appointments. When you come see us we can access your hair and will be able to give you a personalised plan of how you can achieve these colours in your hair.

What is the metal range?

L’oreal have increased the proportion of reflects and decreased the proportion of base, for a visible and translucent effect. Which means the new shades do not make your hair darker or lighter but works with the existing depth and adds the desired reflect whether that be a pearly pink finish or a pastel grey look.

The new shades:

.11 – Silver Star – For a pastel grey look or an on-trend ash colour

.12 – Crystal Ash – For a fashionable result with a sophisticated iridescent blend

.13 – Ash Gold – For a desirable champagne blonde

.21 – Pink Ash – For a beautifully soft pink result, a mix of ash and iridescent

.22 – Hi-Lilac – For a neutralising yellow and leaving a balanced iridescent hue.

We hope this helps give you an insight into the new metals range, if you have any further questions or want a consultation to see what we can do with your hair then come see us at the salon and we will be happy to help and advise. See you soon 🙂