As the year closes in lets look back on what trends made a differnce.


Stars like Priyanka Chopra, Selma Hayek and Sasha Lane are all working this look in their own way. An ombre is usually associated with the lighter colours and blonde tips but this is changing how we think of an ombre! If you have naturally darker hair this is the perfect look for you. We love the rich, chocolate tones coming through and it compliments the darker roots, giving you an ombre look that still leaves your locks shiny and glossy! If you want a new colour for Christmas that is low maintenance, on trend and still looks natural then book in for a chocolate ombre now.


Going against the usual choices for winter celebrities like Ciara, Emilia Clarke and Blake Lively are opting for blonde, warm tones following a technique similar to a balayage to give a sun-streaked finish inspired by surfers enjoying the sun, sea and sand. If you want this style more subtle we can do broken up streaks to give a sun kissed look instead. So if a lighter look is more you then go a sun-streaked blonde this winter instead of waiting until summer, because why not?!


If you have naturally dark hair and don’t want the maintenance of lightning your hair this may be just what your looking for. Instead of putting a jet black colour on your hair we can go for a softer, more natural colour like Shay Mitchell, Rihanna and Diane Guerrero have done. It stops your hair looking too harsh and even though its dark still allows you to to have soft, rich tones through your colour. Something we don’t see a lot but why not embrace your dark hair and have a natural black this winter.

If you want to try any of the colours and looks here then call the salon to book in or for further information on this winters trends then come into the salon for a consultation where we can advise what look will best suit you this Christmas 🙂

If you want to see the images of the looks i have mentioned and the original post about this winters hair trends look here: