Emma stone has been honoring our screens since 2004, and we have loved seeing what new styles she comes up with.

The Red Head Beauty

When it comes to Emma Stone’s hair she is not afraid to experiment and she shows this with the various colours and styles she has had over the years. In her new film La La Land we love her multi-tonal copper hair. We think out of all the colours Emma has tried the copper tones suit her the best, they work so well with her complexion. Even if a certain tone suits you better it doesn’t mean you can’t try other colours, take Emma for example she has been a brunette, red head and even a blonde. It’s always good to try new things even if you end up doing a full circle.

The Styles

There is not many colours Emma hasn’t tried and this is the same with her her haircuts/styles. She has had long wavy locks, mid-length sleek bobs and short and choppy. The actress also likes to change her fringe, she has had blunt and choppy full fringes, long and sweeping to shorter side fringes. Emma has realised that just adding a fringe, whichever one may be, completely changes her look without any thing drastic. These can be high maintenance, but lucky for you we offer complementary fringe trims in-between your appointments.


Emma Stone to us is style icon, and we can’t wait to she what she rocks next!