Perfectly Smooth Completely Safe

Lisse design is made and guaranteed by and Italian multinational cosmetics company Alfarparf Milano

This Product is completely free of formaldehyde, sulphate salt and parabens. It’s an absolutely safe treatment with conforms to international standards.

It’s 100% guaranteed to leave your hair feeling smooth,silky, shiny and tangle free; thanks to a combined actions of Kera-collagen complex and precious babassu oil.

It eliminates frizz for up to 3 months! Its suitable for all hair types even coloured and chemically treated hair. A colour service can be performed on the same day as the treatment as well as being rewashed and styled too.

After having your keratin therapy treatment you can take home a full range of maintenance products to keep the hair looking silky and smooth: this includes a shampoo, conditioner and a keratin refill.  We also have the oil elixir available for even more shine!

Shampoo This shampoo is a thick, creamy consistency that gently cleanses you hair but with the enhanced keratin and Babassu oil it leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny.

Conditioner The nourishing, moisturising conditioner guarantees an efficacious conditioning action, regaining the perfected results obtained at the salon. It leaves the hair feeling soft and tangle free.

Keratin Refill A light, Velvety fluid that recharges the hair with keratin and collagen. This helps to keep the hair Smooth, strong and soft.

Oil Elixir Containing Amazonian Babassu oil, this elixir lends extraordinary shine. Ideal for preventing split ends and dryness.

Introductory Offer

For Your first treatment you will receive 25% off. A great deal at just £90. At full price the treatment is £120 and you will receive a full range of aftercare products to maintain you amazing silky smooth hair at home.

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy: Your dream come true! 

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