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What’s New?

Colour Trends are forever changing, so we are here to make sure you know whats going on it the world of hair colour!

L’Oreal professional have introduced 5 new shades to the Majirel colour family. They are suitable for natural bases between 6 (dark Blonde) -10 (lightest blonde). Using these colours on a natural base means the Metals colours come out softer. If you are darker then a level 6 or are feeling creative and want a more obvious result; you’ll need your hair Pre-lightened. This will make your hair light enough to be able to take the Metal colours. The lighter your hair colour goes the better the result. This won’t happen overnight for most of you, darker hair colours take longer to lighten, but isn’t completely impossible. When you come to see us we can decide together what your hair needs/what you want and will be able to give you a tailor made hair plan.

How does it work?

L’oreal have increased the ratio of to base, for a visible and translucent effect. Which means the new shades do not make your hair darker or lighter but works with the existing depth and adds the desired reflect. Whether that is be pearly pink or a pastel grey look. L’Oreal are always working on their brand to come up with new on-trend ideas and products. The Metals are the next hair craze of 2018, fitting right in with the latest fashion and make up trends.

The Colour Contenders:

.11 – Silver Star – For a pastel grey look or an on-trend ash colour

.12 – Crystal Ash – For a fashionable result with a sophisticated iridescent blend

.13 – Ash Gold – For a desirable champagne blonde

.21 – Pink Ash – For a beautifully soft pink result, a mix of ash and iridescent

.22 – Hi-Lilac – For a neutralising yellow and leaving a balanced iridescent hue.


These colours are great when you walk out of the salon. But Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. If you are considering one of these colours you have to be prepared to keep it up. Depending on how often you wash your hair, these colours will be at their best for 2 weeks.  As a salon we offer top up services in-between your services to keep that salon finish for longer.


Which one is your favourite Metal colour?