Who rocked the red carpet?

We love to see what hair makeovers the celebs have undergone for nights like the Oscars. Theres so many to choose from but here are our “dos and don’ts” favourites;

Hallie Berry

Opted for a curly, natural look instead of her pixie cut which she is known for. She took to the red carpet rocking her big curls with caramel pieces through them for added texture. She received mixed reviews online with some making jokes on twitter but we loved the curly ‘fro, especially since it was all her natural locks! (yes, all of it is her own hair!


Emma Roberts

Went for a colour change for the award ceremony moving away from her usual blonde and darker looks to a light copper. The new copper tones went so well with her eye and skin colouring. The look was finished off with a soft curl through the ends and classic red lips! The new look apparently was done just a few hours before the event so well done to the colourist for making it come out so well as there was no room for error!

Image result for emma roberts oscars

They were the two looks that caught our attention for good reasons but there were also two stars that made me look twice for all the wrong reasons!

What went wrong?

We don’t like to pick faults at other people’s work but what was going on with some of the fringes?! Olivia Culpo and Sofia Boutella, what was you thinking! Olivia looked good as far as her sparkling silver dress was concerned, but her fringe looked greasy and stuck to her forehead. I am guessing the stylist was going for a wet look but it just didn’t work!

As for Sofia’s fringe, were assuming it was intentionally cut the way it was but it looked a good few centimetres too short and the broken up. The choppy style she was going for wasn’t finished properly and ended up just looking uneven and unflattering. Take a look below and judge for yourself 🙂

Image result for olivia culpo oscarsImage result for sofia boutella oscars

So there you have it, that is my best and worst highlights of the star’s hairstyles from this years Oscars. Remember to come in for your complimentary fringe trims to avoid any red carpet disasters!