Men can scrub up too

If you’re a bit of a goldilocks when it comes to your hair – not too short, not too long, but in between – then you’ll be pleased to know there is plenty of inspiration when it comes to men’s medium hairstyles.

In fact, medium length hairstyles are amongst the most popular with your favourite male celebrities. Just take Chris Hemsworth’s effortless blonde tresses, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ever changing hairdos, Bradley Coopers sharp and slicked back hair or Colin Farrell’s edgy mid-length style.

With medium length hair, whether you’re rocking it long on top and sharp on the sides, or leaving at tousled and fuss-free, you’re open to more styling options that can be part shaved, straight, wavy and of course, with as little or as much product in your hair as you like.

Men’s Medium Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks

Just because you aren’t rocking an elaborate mohawk or mullet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spending anytime styling and maintaining the quality of your mid-length hair cut. With these easy tips and tricks you can take your mop top from drab to dapper.

#1 Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
#2 Using a blow dryer, begin directing air upwards to the scalp until fully dry.
#3 Use a brush to take down any unwanted volume on the top on sides.
#4 If you have wavy hair, work in a matte paste or cream.
#5 If you have straight hair, try a higher-shine wax. Or, for a wet look, comb through some leave-in conditioner from the root to the tip when hair is still damp.

EXPERT TIP: Anthony Nader – Raw Hair Salon Sydney

#1 Mmm the in-between style that never really defines whether you are growing your hair or if you just haven’t had time to see your Hairstylist yet. Personally, I love this look as I think it gives off a more charismatic and softer feeling to your appearance.

#2 To keep your hair more compact to your scalp so your don’t looking like a lions mane, try rinsing your hair in the coolest water temp possible and then you’ll have more control throughout the day.

#3 The other secret is if your wanting to put some product in, always add in your light weight wax into damp hair and your good to go.

#4 Calvin Klein Platinum S/S 2014 is your go to for inspiration here.

EXPERT TIP #2 – International Stylist, Kevin Murphy

#1 The current look for medium hair is basically short hair and has been slightly grown-out, just over the ears. Whatever you do, don’t over style it, you want the hair to have a natural texture and matte finish.

#2 The great thing about medium length cuts is that they’re so versatile and with the right products, you can have a new look every day.

#3 Many men don’t wash their hair properly, but if you’re going to let your hair grow out, using a good shampoo and conditioner is vital to keep it looking great.

#4 And the cut is really important. Make sure you ask your hairdresser for a square shape, because if the cut is too round it will look feminine.

article first appeared on D’Marge