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Oh Natural!

“Natural formula, Professional Result”
Loreal Professional have just launched their first ever natural hair care range. Not That we’re not loving their Serie expert range, but we can’t deny that people are wanting something more natural. So they have got rid of the Synthetic surfactants and replaced them with natural cleansing agents.

 What’s the Goss?

Their range consists of 2 types of shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. All Sulphate, paraben and silicone free by the way! It’s 80% – 99% completely natural ingredients, the other % is still there to make sure you get that soft to the touch finish.

The Products;

• Daily shampoo – 80% – the shampoo for everyone. This consists on acacia leaves and aloe essence.
• Delicate shampoo – 80%- for them sensitive souls. This contains calendula flowers and chamomile flowers.
• Radiance balm –99%- This conditioner is for coloured hair. It contains fig pulp and soybean oil.
• Daily detangling cream – 99% -For normal to fine hair. Full of aloe essence and Argania spinosa kernel oil
• Nourishing balm – 99%- For the hair that needs more TLC. It consists of sesame oil, sun flower seed oil and coconut oil.

What are the perks?

All these products will give your hair all the goodness it needs without the guilt. Loreal have worked wonders with these proudest to give you what your hair needs, whilst looking after our planet too! All the packaging from these products have been made from recycled materials. The shampoos have been designed so they can be stacked on top of one another. Meaning more can fit on those delivery vans, Keeping their carbon footprint that little bit smaller.

We have the full range of Source Essentielle in salon for you to #FINDYOURESSENTIAL. Ask a Professional today!

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The Metals by Majirel

Image result for the metals by majirel

What’s New?

Colour Trends are forever changing, so we are here to make sure you know whats going on it the world of hair colour!

L’Oreal professional have introduced 5 new shades to the Majirel colour family. They are suitable for natural bases between 6 (dark Blonde) -10 (lightest blonde). Using these colours on a natural base means the Metals colours come out softer. If you are darker then a level 6 or are feeling creative and want a more obvious result; you’ll need your hair Pre-lightened. This will make your hair light enough to be able to take the Metal colours. The lighter your hair colour goes the better the result. This won’t happen overnight for most of you, darker hair colours take longer to lighten, but isn’t completely impossible. When you come to see us we can decide together what your hair needs/what you want and will be able to give you a tailor made hair plan.

How does it work?

L’oreal have increased the ratio of to base, for a visible and translucent effect. Which means the new shades do not make your hair darker or lighter but works with the existing depth and adds the desired reflect. Whether that is be pearly pink or a pastel grey look. L’Oreal are always working on their brand to come up with new on-trend ideas and products. The Metals are the next hair craze of 2018, fitting right in with the latest fashion and make up trends.

The Colour Contenders:

.11 – Silver Star – For a pastel grey look or an on-trend ash colour

.12 – Crystal Ash – For a fashionable result with a sophisticated iridescent blend

.13 – Ash Gold – For a desirable champagne blonde

.21 – Pink Ash – For a beautifully soft pink result, a mix of ash and iridescent

.22 – Hi-Lilac – For a neutralising yellow and leaving a balanced iridescent hue.


These colours are great when you walk out of the salon. But Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. If you are considering one of these colours you have to be prepared to keep it up. Depending on how often you wash your hair, these colours will be at their best for 2 weeks.  As a salon we offer top up services in-between your services to keep that salon finish for longer.


Which one is your favourite Metal colour?



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Our 5 salon shampoo’s tailored for you!

Which Shampoo is best for you?

The Shampoo and conditioner you use is probably the most important product you will have on the shelf. your hair is weakest when its wet, so it’s vital you look after it.

We are proud to be a L’Oreal professional only salon. We use their serie expert range for shampoos and conditioners which works hand in hand with L’Oreal’s colour and styling products.

The Range;

Absolut repair for very damaged hair 

Volumentryfor fine hair 

Enforcerfor strengthening and anti-breakage

Vitaminofor coloured hair

Nutrifier for dry, undernourished hair 

What do they do?

Absolut repair, this is a must have for clients with very damaged hair. The formula is enriched with lipidium, which transforms your hair and makes it feel soft and shiny as well as repairing the hair. This range is full of protein so should be used until condition has improved. Then you can move on to one of our lighter shampoos.

We then have Volumentry, our shampoo which designed for fine hair. The unique combination of purifying salicylic acid and Hydralight will moisturise your hair while still being extremely light making the hair voluminous from the root and not feel greasy or flat.

Enforcer is the newest addition to the range and we love it already! The reinforcing formula is infused with vitamin B6 and biotin which helps instantly reduce breakage. Hair will become more resistant and stronger with continued use. Highly recommend for clients with weaker hair and those wanting to try stimulating more hair growth.

Vitamino is the perfect shampoo for clients with coloured hair, especially colours with a high fade factor i.e. Reds and Coppers. The formula helps protect the hair fiber, gently removing residue but not the colour, keeping it radiant and enhancing the shine.

Finally, Nutrifieran essential product for clients with dry and undernourished hair. The shampoo contains glycerol and coconut oil for maximum hydration leaving the hair feeling instantly softer. It has a lightweight texture so cleanses and moisturises the hair without leaving it feel heavy and greasy.


Our stylist will always use the products best suited to your hair. So if you want the salon feeling finish at home, it’s time to change your shampoo!

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#COLORFUL HAIR – What your favourite?

 Crazy, Colourful Hair 

Colourful hair has been trending for years now, From unicorn hair to hidden rainbow hair.

L’oreal have launched a new colour range called #COLORFULHAIR and it is made up of 8 inter-mixable vibrant shades.

The range offers 100’s of bespoke, personalised and colourful results. Whether you want a soft Pink Sorbet or Electric Purple, the possibilities are endless.

There are 7 vibrant shades in the range but many more colours are able to be created due to the Crystal Clear, which gives us the opportunity to reduce the intensity of the colour for more pastel tones.

The Colours;


How Do we do it?

For optimal results we need to pre-lighten your hair, this is part isn’t easy. The Lighter the hair, the better the #colourful hair shade will take onto your hair. people with darker natural hair/ already coloured hair this will take more then one go. But if this is what you want, were here every step of the way.

What’s the catch?

 Of course like most good things, these won’t last forever. The vibrant shades will last up to 15 shampoos and the softer, pastel shades will only last a few shampoos. To keep maintain these colours you will need to refresh the colour every 2-4 weeks.

We don’t recommended you was your hair too often as the colour will fade with every wash. But, when you do, we suggest using our Vitamino colour shampoo and conditioner to prolong your colour for as long as possible.

 We will be offering a #COLOURHAIR blow-dry for your top-up appointments to keep the colour fresh and to keep costs down for you the blow-dry will be 50% OFF!

Book a consultation and brighten up your day!



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May the INFORCER be with you

Shampoos and conditioners are a must have in your cabinet. Your hair is at its weakest point when wet, so you have to look after it!

Do you….

Want stronger hair?

That’s softer to touch?

Easier to brush and style?

With less breakage?

If you answered YES, YES, YES then this is the product for you. Look no further than INFORCER for all your hair needs. It’s a great product for all hair types to use, with a healthy balance of protein and moisture. We understand there is a obvious difference in price between high street and professional, but its worth every penny. Most high street shampoos contain Sulpahtes, Parabens and Silicones as do ours. However, in professional shampoos, the ingredients are water soluble, so they don’t stay in the hair. If these ingredients don’t get washed out of the hair it will create a product build up, and this can open a whole other can of worms. For instance, a build up on silicone can cause your colour to not take properly, if not at all. We have cleansing shampoos in salon if you feel like there is a build up on your hair.

What’s all the fuss about?

Inforcer is a strengthening, anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner. The formula is infused with vitamin B6 and biotin to strengthen the hair and make it more resistant to breakage. B6 is good for the body in many ways such as energy and red blood cell production. However, studies have shown that B6 may prevent hair loss and encourage new growth. A 2001 study based in Poland found that B6 helped improve hair condition in a group of women suffer from diffuse alopecia. Then there’s the Biotin, to look after the hair you already have, leaving it feeling thicker and fuller.


Pop in to salon and try today!

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Keratin Therapy- Say Goodbye To Frizz

Tired of having DRY, DULL, WEAK OR FRIZZY HAIR? Maybe you have a combination of them all? We are here to change that for you!

Introducing…Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Treatment. Keratin Is everything your hair needs. And so is the treatment!

Our in salon treatment is a progressive smoothing treatment with keratin, intended for a gentle yet highly effective smoothing service with results lasting up to 3 months!

SAFE – The treatment is formaldehyde free, tested, safe and legal.

VERSATILE – For all hair types including coloured and treated hair.

HIGH PERFORMANCE – While being gentle on the hair, the keratin reshapes the arrangement of the hairs keratin chains making the hair SMOOTHER, STRONGER and FRIZZ FREE. The treatment is combined with Babassu oil from the Amazon leaving hair SOFT, SILKY and SHINY!

What to look forward to

Salon service – When you come in for your treatment we will use a deep cleansing shampoo to prepare your hair for absorbing all the benefits. We will then apply the treatment using the smoothing fluid, after applying and leaving under heat we will rinse and use the hydrating mask before locking in the treatment using heat. When we have finished the service you will then see the benefits for yourself.

Sounding good so far?


If it didn’t sound good enough already you will also receive sulphate, salt and paraben FREE shampoo and conditioner when you leave to help maintain and prolong the effects of the treatment. This helps Guarantee the treatment will last the full 3 months. We also give you a keratin refill spray, which is a light, velvety fluid that recharges your hair with keratin and collagen, helping to keep your hair smooth, strong, soft and tangle-free. Spray into wet hair before you blow-dry. Keratin oil elixir also available for purchase.

Call 0121 442 4905 or pop into the salon to have a chat with one of our experts today. 

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The All Important 5

Your hair will be good to you if you are good to it. So here are our favourite 5 products to use in salon.

Mythic Oil

What is it? – Mythic oil is empowered by highly concentrated oils, adding nourishment and shine onto the hair fibre without weighing it down. It softens and protects the hair leaving it silky and magnificent from root to tip. If that wasn’t enough, the oil now has the added bonus of heat protection up to 230 Celsius!

How to use – Put 1-2 pumps into your hand, warm the product with your palms before distributing to the lengths of your hair.

RRP: £15.99


What is it? – Constructor is a thermo-active spray for texture and hold. It is a must have product for textured, choppy, wavy styles and enhances layers really well. The thermo-active technology also adds protection when using heat.

How to use – Spray on damp or dry hair, then work with fingers under the heat of the hair dryer to create texture.

RRP: £13.49

Volume Architect  

What is it? – Volume architect is a thickening blow-dry lotion for fine and fragile hair. It creates volume and natural looking movement, leaving hair soft to the touch. The product adds heat protection to hair and is a must have if you have finer hair and your wanting a fuller, thicker look.

How to use – Spray onto towel dried hair, evenly distributing throughout but for greater volume spray directly onto the root area.

RRP: £13.99

Crepage de Chignon

What is it? – Crepage de chignon is a mineral powder fixing spray that creates texture and volume, great for finishing a curly blow-dry and textured styles. Has some hold but no residue is left.

How to use – To amplify the volume, apply at the roots and blow-dry creating root lift. For wilder and oversized texture, blow dry while scrunching the lengths.

RRP: £14.99

Density Material 

What is it? – Density material is a texturizing wax-paste which is ideal for men and women. Works well for shorter, textured cuts but can be used for placement and hold on longer cuts. Wax is re-workable and leaves a natural/matte finish. We love this wax in the salon and we would not use anything else!

How to use – Rub a small amount in hands before distributing through hair, starting with the ends/length.

RRP: £13.99

All products listed are available in salon and if your not sure what would suit/work for your hair then we are happy to advise. If you like the sound of any of the products then ask for them to be used on your next visit so you can see how good they are for yourself 🙂



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Colour Placement – The New Trend

Colour doesn’t need to be all over to have an effect, little is more here. Colour placement lets us use your hair type/face shape to get the most out of your colour.


L’oreal has created 5 different colour techniques to help give customers a picture perfect look.

Soft Contouring.

You may have heard of this technique as it has been trending for a while now but this form of contouring softly shapes your face with a subtle combination of lighter and darker tones. This is good if you like highlights or if you have a grown out balayage.

Blonde model portrait shot


It creates the illusion of volume by adding a shimmering lightness to your hair. This is for you if the hair is finer and you want to create the voluminous look.

Brunette model portrait shot


This look is good if you are a brunette and you fancy doing something different without having too much of a change. Add a bronze glow to your hair to brighten up your brunette.

Brunette model portrait smiling


If you are bored of the brown and fancy a change then this is the look for you. Boost your brunette locks with a subtle blend of tones that gently melt into each other to give your hair depth & texture.

Brunette portrait shot

Colour Glow.

Get your hair glowing with a natural ray of soft golden lights delicately framing the face and illuminating your complexion. This technique is good for refreshing a grown out ombre.

Bronde model portrait shot

If you like any of the above looks and want to try one for yourself then come into the salon for a consultation and see what we can do for you. All of these looks can be created while using SMARTBOND, which is a hair protector that keeps your locks soft, strong and shiny even after being coloured. For more info on using this in your colour services and the benefits check out our Smartbond article or ask in salon.

For more info on these looks and to see other pictures of the styles then go to:

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Oscars 2017 Highlights

Who rocked the red carpet?

We love to see what hair makeovers the celebs have undergone for nights like the Oscars. Theres so many to choose from but here are our “dos and don’ts” favourites;

Hallie Berry

Opted for a curly, natural look instead of her pixie cut which she is known for. She took to the red carpet rocking her big curls with caramel pieces through them for added texture. She received mixed reviews online with some making jokes on twitter but we loved the curly ‘fro, especially since it was all her natural locks! (yes, all of it is her own hair!


Emma Roberts

Went for a colour change for the award ceremony moving away from her usual blonde and darker looks to a light copper. The new copper tones went so well with her eye and skin colouring. The look was finished off with a soft curl through the ends and classic red lips! The new look apparently was done just a few hours before the event so well done to the colourist for making it come out so well as there was no room for error!

Image result for emma roberts oscars

They were the two looks that caught our attention for good reasons but there were also two stars that made me look twice for all the wrong reasons!

What went wrong?

We don’t like to pick faults at other people’s work but what was going on with some of the fringes?! Olivia Culpo and Sofia Boutella, what was you thinking! Olivia looked good as far as her sparkling silver dress was concerned, but her fringe looked greasy and stuck to her forehead. I am guessing the stylist was going for a wet look but it just didn’t work!

As for Sofia’s fringe, were assuming it was intentionally cut the way it was but it looked a good few centimetres too short and the broken up. The choppy style she was going for wasn’t finished properly and ended up just looking uneven and unflattering. Take a look below and judge for yourself 🙂

Image result for olivia culpo oscarsImage result for sofia boutella oscars

So there you have it, that is my best and worst highlights of the star’s hairstyles from this years Oscars. Remember to come in for your complimentary fringe trims to avoid any red carpet disasters!

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Treat your hair to Pro Fiber

Give your hair some TLC

We hope you’ve seen our post about Smart Bond, which helps protect your hair from damage during colouring services. But let’s introduce you to L’Oréal’s PRO FIBER treatment. Pro fiber is an express treatment which works on the outer layer of your hair.

Why would you use it?

Damaged hair is something a good majority of women have had to deal with at some point. It can be challenging to style and look after when the hair is damaged. Everything from combing to drying can cause issues as the hair is weaker, making it knot up and break a lot easier. The dryness of the hair can also leave the colour looking dull. Because the cuticle is broken the hair won’t have the healthy shiny finish that we all crave. Pro-fiber offers an in-salon solution to help combat all levels of damage, from chemicals to heat.

The range;

After 15 years of research L’oreal has brought forward the range pro fiber which will make damaged hair feel and look softer, shiner and healthier. Depending on the level of damage to your hair there are 3 treatments in the range to choose from. The first being revive, this is for slightly damaged and finer hair. The second is restore, which is for damaged average thickness hair. Finally we have recover for very damaged, thick hair. Along with the in-salon treatment there is also products you can use at home in the range that will prolong the benefits.

How does it work?

After an in-depth consultation we will prepare your hair by applying the appropriate shampoo in the range cleansing the hair of any barriers, I.e. grease, products. We will then apply the concentrate onto the damaged areas of your hair. Last but never least, we will apply the renew masque on top of the concentrate and massage it into the hair for 5 minutes to Lock it all in. you can instantly feel the benefits of this treatment, even before its dried! The more damaged your hair is, the longer it will take to get the condition back. But don’t give it, regular pro fiber treatments will get your bounce back before you know it.

How long the expect to results

The benefits will last between 3-6 weeks depending on your hair routine at home, for example how many times a week you wash your hair or the amount you use straighteners/curlers. Each treatment in the range has a shampoo, conditioner,masque and leave-in conditioner home use. but the most important product is the re-charge booster, you use every fourth shampoo instead of the conditioner which you leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

If you like the sound of softer and healthier hair then ask about having a pro fiber treatment on your next visit. For prices and any further questions ask in salon and we will be more than happy to help.

Information about pro fiber was collected from :


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