Your hair will be good to you if you are good to it. So here are our favourite 5 products to use in salon.

Mythic Oil

What is it? – Mythic oil is empowered by highly concentrated oils, adding nourishment and shine onto the hair fibre without weighing it down. It softens and protects the hair leaving it silky and magnificent from root to tip. If that wasn’t enough, the oil now has the added bonus of heat protection up to 230 Celsius!

How to use – Put 1-2 pumps into your hand, warm the product with your palms before distributing to the lengths of your hair.

RRP: £15.99


What is it? – Constructor is a thermo-active spray for texture and hold. It is a must have product for textured, choppy, wavy styles and enhances layers really well. The thermo-active technology also adds protection when using heat.

How to use – Spray on damp or dry hair, then work with fingers under the heat of the hair dryer to create texture.

RRP: £13.49

Volume Architect  

What is it? – Volume architect is a thickening blow-dry lotion for fine and fragile hair. It creates volume and natural looking movement, leaving hair soft to the touch. The product adds heat protection to hair and is a must have if you have finer hair and your wanting a fuller, thicker look.

How to use – Spray onto towel dried hair, evenly distributing throughout but for greater volume spray directly onto the root area.

RRP: £13.99

Crepage de Chignon

What is it? – Crepage de chignon is a mineral powder fixing spray that creates texture and volume, great for finishing a curly blow-dry and textured styles. Has some hold but no residue is left.

How to use – To amplify the volume, apply at the roots and blow-dry creating root lift. For wilder and oversized texture, blow dry while scrunching the lengths.

RRP: £14.99

Density Material 

What is it? – Density material is a texturizing wax-paste which is ideal for men and women. Works well for shorter, textured cuts but can be used for placement and hold on longer cuts. Wax is re-workable and leaves a natural/matte finish. We love this wax in the salon and we would not use anything else!

How to use – Rub a small amount in hands before distributing through hair, starting with the ends/length.

RRP: £13.99

All products listed are available in salon and if your not sure what would suit/work for your hair then we are happy to advise. If you like the sound of any of the products then ask for them to be used on your next visit so you can see how good they are for yourself 🙂